RECIPE: American-style Pancake Syrup

One of the benefits of being married to an American is that I’ve been introduced to a whole new world of food – both good and bad very good, and when it comes to breakfast, our international cousins have it covered.

Pancakes are perhaps one of the most staple and classic breakfast treats in the USA, and whilst we can easily replicate the pancake recipe itself (thick not thin), finding the right syrup in the UK is pretty much impossible. Our supermarkets have a broader range of syrup than they did 5 years ago, but these are all variations of the Maple syrup flavour. The common American pancake syrup is vanilla flavoured and surprisingly easy to make.

10 minutes.

What you will need:
–  2 cups, white sugar
–  1 cup, soft brown sugar
–  1 cup, water
–  1 tablespoon, vanilla extract
–  2 small bottles (for storage)

Get a large saucepan and pour in the water and sugar all at once.


Bring to the boil, whilst stirring continuously during this time. Once the liquid starts to boil, add the vanilla extract and continue stirring for exactly 3 minutes.


After 3 minutes, set the pan to the side and let cool for up to 30 minutes. During this time, boil a kettle, then fill the bottles with the boiling water and empty and dry them as much as possible.


Now transfer the cooled syrup into a pouring receptacle with a spout and carefully pour the liquid into your storage bottles. Make sure the bottles are air-tight as sugar crystals will form in the bottles if air gets to it. You should get two full bottles of syrup from this recipe.

Depending on whether you like your syrup hot or cold, you can use it straight away or chill for 30 minutes.


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